Monday, 4. July

The Center for International Studies (CIS) is a think tank that is seeking to consolidate Latvia’s scholarly potential for the benefit of Latvia’s future development. It has undertaken to research Latvia’s opportunities as a member of the European Union and NATO, along with Latvia’s place in global development processes. The CIS is also stimulating high-quality dialogue with the country’s legislative and executive powers, as well as the general public, on matters that concern Latvia’s development and the consolidation of democracy. The main goal of the CIS is to generate a long-term vision of Latvia’s development through interdisciplinary and future-oriented studies.

Our lines of action

To consolidate intellectual potential for research, strategically important for Latvia, we involve in our work researchers both from Latvia and international environment

We carry-out interdisciplinary studies.

We publish the results or our research to make them broadly accessible, to foster interest and knowledge of society about international politics' issues, important for Latvia's development, and to promote a dialog between researchers and policy-makers.

To foster high-level security policy discussion in Latvia and develop Latvia's level of expertise, we organise conferences, seminars and discussions.