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Dr. Aija Lulle
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Migration is and will be the grand challenge of 21st century


Research on Migration: Facing realities and maximising opportunities

King, R. and Lulle, A. (2016) Research on Migration: Facing realities and maximising opportunities. Brussels: European Commission (155 pp) Available, Open access: Reasearch Migration: Facing realities and maximising opportunities. A policy review | European Website on Integration (europa.eu)

Migration has become a crucial issue for Europe, one that is likely to dominate policy and political agendas for many years to come. Migration is also increasingly presented, both in public and expert discourse, as a challenge requiring coordinated European responses, involving both Member States and the European institutions. Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7) projects studied different aspects of the migration phenomenon including integration and diversity.

This report synthesises the main findings from several European research projects which deal with migration. Chapter 3 tackles the vexed and complex issue of integration from a variety of perspectives – economic, social, cultural, spatial and political. The European comparative perspective brought in is an important added value of working with multi-country research teams in the study of migration.