Thursday, 29. September
ggr 2022

Dr. Gunda Reire

Latvia’s foreign policy view is regionally and globally based on an understanding of the direct relationship between the stability and growth of the Euro-Atlantic area and Latvia’s international position and influence.


The Role of International Institutions and the Rule of Law in Latvia’s Foreign Policy

Latvia is focusing on an externally stable and internally unified Euro-Atlantic space, characterized by a growing economy, a high level of internal and external security, strong democracy and support for multilateralism, as the most favourable environment and framework for its foreign policy. Therefore, Latvia’s foreign policy in the international institutions is designed to support and strengthen the existence and functioning of such an environment.

This article has been published in the “Latvian Foreign and Security Policy. Yearbook 2022” released by the Latvian Institute of International Affairs. The full publication is available here: Latvian Foreign and Security Policy. Yearbook 2022 (

Photo: Austris Auziņš Photography