Saturday, 13. August

Consulting the Ukrainian Government on Communications





On 3 November 2015, Dr. Gunda Reire participated in the Ukrainian government communication conference, which aimed to consult the government officials on best practices of international government communications. Practitioners from different Western countries shared their experience in public Communications, crisis management, digital Communications and other significant topics.

Nowadays, when the Ukrainian government is reformings its communication system and principles, this conference not only helped to create a new practice of knowledge exchange, but also helped to establish essential professional connections between Ukrainiam and Western experts.

The Conference addressed such questions as:

  • What is the most effective press service structure?
  • What is the most efficient system for signing off documents or public statements?
  • What should be included in a code of conduct/regulatory framework?
  • What training programme/qualifications are needed?
  • How should evaluation best be done?
  • What are the most appropriate job descriptions and remuneration and rewarding systems?




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