Saturday, 13. August

Presentation “The manipulative techniques of the Russian information campaign against Ukraine”

This document summarises part of the larger research “Euro-Atlantic Values and Russia’s Strategic Communication in the Euro-Atlantic space” (2015) commissioned by the NATO StratCom COE to the Center for International Studies (Latvia). The overall aim of the research is to identify means how Russia with the help of mass media influences the Euro-Atlantic values and re-defines the meaning of democracy, media freedom, human rights, trust to international organizations, freedom of speech and other values in the Euro-Atlantic space for different societal groups during the crisis in Ukraine.

The political rhetoric, political content and narrative is analysed in the following audio-visual platforms: Первый канал (Pervij Kanal)RT (previously – Russia Today) and Sputnik. The research includes four case studies: the downing of the passenger liner MH-17, issuing of economic counter-sanctions, first humanitarian convoy and Minsk talks on the cease-fire (the so-called Minsk II).