Pirmdiena, 17. janvāris

China’s Voting Practice at the UN Security Council, Its Legal and Political Interpretation: Case of Syria

Dr. Gunda Reire

This article examines intersection of three contemporary issues that occupy academic thought intensively: China’s global politics, its changing voting practice […]

A Clever Servant but a Dangerous Master. Societal Responses to the Technological Development and Infodemic

Dr. Gunda Reire

The Riga Conference 2020 Policy Brief The Fourth Industrial Revolution is not a prediction anymore, it is here. It reaches […]

The West and Russia: Desperation and Tunnel Vision in Contemporary Warfare

Dr. Gunda Reire

It is complexity fatigue that leads to simplification, groupthink, desperation and a tendency to think only about one thing and […]

Resilience of the Baltic Countries Against Russia’s Foreign Policy

Tensions in Baltic-Russian relations originate in fragmented history cognition, deformed memory policy, broadly cultivated myths about Russia as the liberator […]

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